Oh my Cold

OH MY COLD is the special winter formula to soothe and protect skin weakened by the cold. This serum protects, repairs and instantly replenishes the skin with moisture and lipids, for maximum, long-lasting hydration. Its hyaluronic acids and moisturizing active ingredients act to work in synergy throughout the dermal structure to retain water, boost its natural hydration system and protect its outer layer from various environmental attacks. A unique active ingredient from the Antarctic glaciers enhances skin regeneration, leaving it soft, fortified and ready to face winter’s trials.

Stimulates aquaporins and improves the flow of moisture between the skin’s various layers to hydrate them all evenly.

  • Boosts keratinocyte growth and collagen synthesis for younger, firmer skin.
  • Deeply hydrates skin.
  • Increases skin’s ability to retain moisture in its deepest layers : hyaluronic acid significantly reduces gradual moisture loss.

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